Promotes Stem Cell Growth

NewCell Pets, a specialized adaptation of our original human wellness formulation, has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of our furry companions. This revolutionary product offers comprehensive support for pets' well-being, with a particular emphasis on promoting stem cell growth. 

Helps Support Healthy Joints

Support Healthy Joints: Our formula includes Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate, scientifically chosen to support joint health in pets. These ingredients are backed by research and contribute to improved joint function, aiding in mobility and comfort. 

Eases Anxiety and Promotes Overall Wellbeing

Our pet supplement stands as a remarkable solution for reducing anxiety in your furry companions.  By promoting overall health and well-being, our unique blend of ingredients creates a foundation of vitality that naturally reduces anxiety, resulting in a more fulfilling and peaceful life for your beloved furry companions.


Essential for Healthy Growth and Longevity 

Our pet supplement not only serves as a solution for immediate well-being but also plays a pivotal role in potentially increasing the longevity and average life spans of your pets. By carefully curating a blend of ingredients, our formula supports their overall health, bolstering their immune system and vital functions. This not only benefits aging pets but also proves invaluable during the development stages of younger puppies, ensuring they grow up with the best foundation for a long, healthy, and vibrant life. It's our commitment to helping you cherish their companionship for many more years to come.

Promotes Immunity, Resilience and Recovery

Our supplement excels in enhancing your pet's overall health. With a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients, it provides comprehensive support to their immune system, making them more resilient against various health challenges. Whether your pet is in the prime of life or facing recovery from illness or injury, our supplement acts as a steadfast ally, promoting their immunity, boosting resilience, and aiding in a swift and robust recovery. It's a testament to our commitment to your pet's well-being, ensuring they lead the happiest and healthiest life possible.



Get To Know Us


Meet Armando Fitz Jr., one of the founders behind our pet supplement, New Cell Pets. Armando's journey through life has been one of dedication, hard work, and a deep passion for improving the well-being of our furry friends. As a former standout athlete and graduate of Fort Worth Christian, Armando continued his education and football career at Drake University in Iowa, then transferred to SMU in Dallas. His commitment and diligence led him to earn a scholarship while contributing to SMU's first winning team since the 80s.

Armando's thirst for knowledge extended into the world of business, where he learned the ropes of Sales and Project Management, working alongside his father, Armando Fitz Sr., at UniWell Laboratories in Fort Worth. This valuable experience paved the way for his entry into the world of nutraceutical manufacturing.

In 2022, Armando embarked on a transformative journey, backpacking across continents and experiencing incredible adventures, from the Great Pyramids in Egypt to the Amazon Rain Forest in South America. This unique perspective on life and the world fueled his determination to make a difference.


Armando's drive and innovation led to the creation of New Cell Pets, a Stem Cell enhancer for pets. Together with his father, Aaron Pascal, and with the guidance of a top Stem Cell Research Scientist, they formulated a groundbreaking product. New Cell Pets is set to revolutionize pet health by offering a scientifically proven formula that promotes overall well-being, cures various ailments, and ensures a well-balanced life for your pets.

Beyond his business pursuits, Armando remains deeply connected to his alma mater, Fort Worth Christian. New Cell Pets has a dedicated link for FWC, where $10 of each unit sold will be donated back to the school as a gesture of gratitude.

Armando's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of pets and his desire to give back to his community. Get to know us through Armando's inspiring story, and join us in making a positive impact on your pet's health and happiness with New Cell Pets.


New Cell Pets, Stem Cell Supplement, Beef Liver flavor

(2298 reviewers)

New Cell Pets, Stem Cell Supplement, Beef Liver flavor

  • Stimulates daily release of Stem Cells

  • Enhances joint comfort for a more active life

  • Boosts vitality, leading to a more vibrant and enjoyable life for your pet.

  • Assists in maintaining a balanced disposition, contributing to reduced anxiety and overall well-being

    Boosts overall health and well-being


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